eBook - Last Journey of the Warrior

Take a journey towards enlightenment, through seven chapters and seven environments, each with their own story to tell and their own particular slant on the struggles of one Warrior who seeks the answers to his spiritual essence. From green valley and underground cave, to desert oases and a city nestling on the banks of a river, Last Journey of the Warrior is a story filled with love and passion, toil and effort, until finally a Master can accept the truth. With a delicate and elusive love story entwining itself through the story, Last Journey of the Warrior is a tale like no other, as they travel together through a lifetime of searches, to the final meeting in Mastery, becoming beacons for those who are ready to take the same journey towards real self.

C. T. Michael is a writer and practitioner of modern shamanism and Reiki Master, who was born and raised in beautiful Slovenia and still lives in the country today, with his wife and children.
He attended several Faculties, where he studied Technology Processing, Computer Security and Internet Technology, amongst others. Later on he also attended courses on Graphic Design.
Nowadays, C. T. held down several jobs, as an engineer in a magnet factory, a web master in Public Administriation and also a designer for desktop publishing products.
He has also been writing haiku and tanka poems for many years and is completed his first book, which is about a Warrior who fights and struggles for answers about his spiritual essence and finally becomes the Master who accepts that he is already the answer.
When he has some time to relax, C.T. likes to read, and write, take long walks with his camera and sit by the river to think about life. He also has a deeply spiritual side to him and has interests in Shamanism and distant Reiki healing, which he performs free of charge.
As far as the future is concerned, C. T. is continuing to write and plans that this book will become the first in a trilogy.

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